In that order.
When your well-focused message reaches its intended audience and is clearly understood, your company, its customers & clients thrive. It’s worth the effort.


Your message is key to your organization’s success. I help craft and present your message with
vision, purpose, & clarity
in your voice,
reaching well-defined objectives,
so you and your company thrive.

Professional Writing & Public Speaking Services

They hear. Understand. Do.
Nearly invisible, I urge you on from the shadows
as your message reaches its intended audience.

Public Speaking

Engaging keynote presentations that encourage your group, reinforce your purpose, and call people to meaningful action.

Professional Writing

Helping you write in your own voice to accomplish clearly defined objectives. The result: communications that excel.

Working with a professional writer is both cost effective & liberating, knowing your written communication is top flight, even while you’re tending to pressing matters. 

Phil Ransom

An experienced communicator committed to speaking & writing with integrity & professionalism.

As the first presenter and professional writer to be CID® Certified, Phil can help you craft your message in sync with how the brain processes information. The differences, though sometimes subtle, bring about remarkable results!

Learn more about Phil’s background and read writing samples.

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“Thanks for being my editor! — for your time, talent and creativity in turning my dream of becoming a published author into a reality. This is going to be a fun journey.”


Attorney Sarah L Ruffi, Owner

Ruffi Law Offices, S.C.

“Phil has been working with me to both craft my messages and present them. I can’t think of a better colleague to collaborate with than Phil. He’s talented, professional and dependable. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful journey with him.”


Dr. Lou Tetlan, Founder

The CID Group LLC

“Phil is quality-driven, personable, efficient, and quietly tenacious. If you’re looking for creative excellence delivered with a ready smile, consider Phil’s potential contribution to your non-profit or business.”


Joyce Felker, Executive Director

The Parenting Network

“This year was a success, largely because we worked so well together.”


Bill Troy, CEO

ASQ – American Society for Quality
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