2 Million Words <2 years

June 15, 2020

By Phil Ransom

I would have laughed at you –right out loud– had you said I’d handle over 2-million words in two years.   But the data speaks for itself.

In August of 2018, I bought Grammarly Pro to help me with a major work. It found mistakes on rules I’d forgotten about. I wasn’t alarmed, that’s what happens decades after graduation, I was glad for the assist. I fixed them –hundreds of them– one by one. Sometimes I confirmed that I really did want to say it that way.  By the time I finished editing the work I had determined that I would let this software look over my shoulder nearly all the time; when I write emails and letters. When I craft class notes, reports, blog posts, talks, narratives, lots of things.

And then the weekly reports began to point toward a number I never dreamed possible. This week I passed the 2-million word milestone! 7 weeks shy of two years. Who knew?!

PLRansom two-million work milestone with Grammarly

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  1. Vonnie K Green

    Congratulations! One word at a time. 🙂

    • PhilRansom

      One word, one line, one sentence, paragraph…
      no WONder I’m tired! 😀


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