Transcend: My One Word for 2021

It usually doesn't take me most of January to arrive at My One Word for the year, but it did this year. While the first three months of 2020 carried promise, the last nine replaced optimism with...

Of Bells and Griddles

  From my book Influenced! Yet to be released.     Telling a compelling story can help people reach a desired result. First learned from college conductor, Robert Sulahian, I used...

Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men

I'm remembering fondly today the country church Christmas programs we had (hate to say it, but) 50 years ago. . . Shy youngins barely able to whisper lines they drove Dad 'n Mom crazy with just last...

Influenced at Twenty-one. Still Grateful

Emotions sometimes sneak up behind me when I'm writing.  It happened again this week. Writing the junk-draft of a chapter in my book Influenced! (Everything I write begins in junk-draft mode.)  I...

Introducing Vibrance Ministries

When I chose my specialty in early 2016, I soon came to enjoy the success of specifically targeting my Ideal Customer Avatar and gaining preferred clients. CID Certifications, first as a writer, and...

No, I’m Not Pivoting. I’m Adding Something.

I was relieved and encouraged to find:
I’m moving in the right direction. There’s no need to pivot.
I’m helping people – it’s what I do best – don’t change that.
Delivering quality, a core value since high school is intact.
I absolutely LOVE what I do.

So if I’m not pivoting, what am I doing?

The BEST way to Protest

I've had it. The raucous disregard for law, order, and decency in our country, the societal bullying tantrums these last few months have pushed me to the edge of my patience — and then pushed again....

Half-time 2020

Half-time doesn’t last very long, but if you’re the team that’s behind, what happens at half-time can turn certain loss into a win.

What happens at half-time?   Four things. We:
catch our breath
commit to executing the adjustments.

2 Million Words <2 years

I bought Grammarly Pro to help me with a major work. Now, 7 weeks shy of two years later, I passed the 2-million word milestone. Who knew?! 

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