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Universal Equality – The One Place You Already Have It

In your quest for universally equal allotments, on all continents, unaffected by heritage,...

They’re Part of the Race

Given the choice between rough and easy, I'll nearly always choose easy.  That's one reason you'll...

Introducing Vibrance Ministries

When I chose my specialty in early 2016, I soon came to enjoy the success of specifically...

Leadership Best-Practices No. 2

Another key concept I've gleaned from working with (or for) some excellent leaders is: Think of Resources in Triads 1) Money 2) Time 3) Skills 1) It almost goes without saying, we must effectively utilize money to operate in the black. Much has been written on this....

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Leadership Best-Practices No. 1

Through the years I've volunteered for or worked alongside some noteworthy leaders. I work hard to emulate their best practices whenever I lead. Lately I've been noting some of those best practices, creating a quick-refresh list so I can keep key operatives at the...

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10 Words to Help You Survive a Disagreement

Disagreements are NO fun.   If everyone thought as you do life would be so much simpler, but they don't. Count on it, there will be differences of opinion at home, work, and with friends.  These ten words will help you navigate the disagreement and help you emerge...

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