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Common Sense Day – Nov 4

November 4th - Common Sense Day, sometimes referred to as Use Your Common Sense Day. I looked up...

Keep Moving Forward

I saw these four footbridges on my walk the other evening, and it occurred to me:

Sometimes it’s more important to keep moving than to have access to my favorite bridge.

I took their pictures to help solidify this metaphor as a reminder.  It’s vital that I keep moving forward and if I need to use a couple of these bridges while I build new ones to my preferred future, I will. 

If Not Wealth, What is It?

Of all the things that leave people disillusioned, jaded,even despairing, the quest for wealth...


In roller skating and in business Skate as fast as you can, looking for your next opening. When...

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Indulge no doubts —

Resolution is almost omnipotent. In the practical pursuit of your aim, never lose sight of resolution. Indulge no doubts, for they are traitors. .:Fred D. Van Amburgh, "The Thought Arouser" © 1929, p.183:.

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Vince Lombardi on Excellence

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to that person's commitment to excellence, regardless of the chosen field of endeavor. Vince Lombardi Thinking point: What is my chosen field of endeavor? How intently am I committed to excellence?

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