Introducing Vibrance Ministries

September 18, 2020

By Phil Ransom

When I chose my specialty in early 2016, I soon came to enjoy the success of specifically targeting my Ideal Customer Avatar and gaining preferred clients.

CID Certifications, first as a writer, and a few months later as presenter gave me a distinct advantage over my peers. I revel in being uniquely qualified to help clients effectively reach their audiences and I’ve poured on the energy spreading the word about CID.

Then pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions sucked the wind out of our sails.  Yours too?  I’m sorry.


The last six months have been characterized by soul-searching, researching, scrimping. I’ve reminded myself more times than I care to admit that pity parties are poorly attended. No fun.

I’ve taken some calculated risks these last six months without much to show for it; everyone’s cautious, it seems. I’ve offered up tons of prayer.  (Well, if we could weigh time, it’d be tons.)

In July I re-read a book that had a profound influence on me in 2017.  It did again.  I sensed my faith being fortified as I read.  I stopped often to reflect on thoughts prompted by the book.  I worked through the 40-day action journal that accompanies it, thinking, Wow – this is HELPful! I’m truly processing this.

Also in July, a close colleague shared a perspective with me that heightened my sense of urgency.

In a world where there is SO much we’ve no control over, it’s easy to chafe under it all.  But that’s not productive.  A simple yet profound phrase etched itself into my thinking.

“One thing you DO control is how you do your business”

I do control how I respond, don’t I? I took a breath. Asked my “Team ASK” to help me pray, “Lord, I need wisdom – really need wisdom here!”  I listened intently, and the ideas began to flow.  No, they began to flood my mind, through my pen, and onto paper. Then to my laptop.


Friends, today It’s a delight to introduce you to an additional service and product stream here at Philip Ransom, Writer, Communicator,

Life, Leadership, and the Art of Thriving

Vibrance will primarily serve men and women of faith, their families, companies, the faith-based organizations and ministries they serve & lead.  Vibrance will have its own web presence, adding to the synergistic flow of Philip L Ransom, Writer, Communicator,  and The CID Group.

This is familiar territory. It’s where I grew up. I’ve decades of experience to pair with new methods. And I’m just old enough to kind of enjoy being the gray-haired guy on the team.   God’s calling the plays, and I’m repeating often:

God has not given us a spirit of fear or timidity, 
but of power
self-discipline.    2 Timothy 1.7 

Sometimes you have to do it scared.
“Fear, I see you but I’m going with this. Step aside.”

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.  Philippians 1.6 

The concept first came to me in January of 2006.  A seed in the ground for 14 years, Vibrance has finally pushed through the surface! It’s a seedling. I don’t have the logo or website yet, any of that. But I’m full-on committed. You’ll get to watch it grow if you’re interested.

I’ve some major projects in the queue, including CID Courses to produce, two books to edit, and I need to finish my book  Influenced! But that seedling at the top of this post is an oak, and we both know what oaks become with plenty of water, sunshine, and nurture!

More to come.



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