Leadership Best-Practices No. 2

July 9, 2014

By Phil Ransom

Another key concept I’ve gleaned from working with (or for) some excellent leaders is:

Think of Resources in TriadsMicrosoft Word - Document6

1) Money 2) Time 3) Skills

1) It almost goes without saying, we must effectively utilize money to operate in the black. Much has been written on this. Volumes. Unfortunately, money often gets the lion’s share of leader’s attention, aiming for a noteworthy bottom line.  You do remember how much a lion’s share is, don’t you?  ALL of it!
2) The best managers also make full use of employee and volunteer time. It’s a simple high regard for this non-renewable resource.  Starting and finishing on time communicates “Your time is valuable here and I respect that you have interests and commitments beyond these walls.
3) If you’re a great leader you’ll make full use of the skills your team possesses and invest in their adding more. Everyone benefits.

“What happens if we invest in these people,” asked the CFO, “and they leave?”

The answer was immediate. “What happens,” countered the CEO, “if we don’t – and they STAY?”

If you’re fostering abundance mentality, (see #1) this won’t be a problem. Money. Time. Skills.
If you’ve ever tried to ride a tricycle with a broken or bent wheel, you get the idea. It takes effective stewardship of all three for an organization to do well. All three are Priority A’s. You have to keep all three in use and balanced to thrive.

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