NCFCA Speech Judge 2021 Finals

June 25, 2021

By Phil Ransom

Whenever I can, I agree to work with students competing in NCFCA speech competition (there’s a debate wing but I’d rather they win, so I steer clear).

This year I agreed to serve as a judge for NCFCA Nationals. It’s virtual this year, so no travel required. I must tell you – these students are so skilled, so disciplined, so well-coached, so rich in their faith, they challenge and encourage me at the very moment I’m trying to rate and place them in best to less-best order. (That’s an old rating system I just made up – they’re that good!)

This afternoon I have the privilege of judging the Semi-finals.
The winners will advance to finals at 5:30 pm Central this evening.
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I agreed to judge because several people appreciate that I encourage contestants more than take their performances apart. But I want to be the first to say I have been enriched again and again by these bright, articulate, hope-filled, passionate communicators! It’s an honor!

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