Newsflash – Vibrance ITM Membership-group is OPEN

April 23, 2022

By Phil Ransom


Response to the original post below was enough to proceed.
So… Here’s the official name and look:
Vibrance – ITM (Vibrance in The making)
Life, Leadership, and the Art of Thriving

Official Description:
Vibrance ITM is a group of adults and students who envision the vibrant way of life they long for and intentionally move toward it. Because the Vibrance we picture is in-the-making, we include ITM in the group name.

Belonging to a community like Vibrance ITM:
• Increases the likelihood of reaching individual goals
• Creates a sustainable setting where encouragement feeds hope
• Members share dreams they’ve kept to themselves, once trust is established
• Private struggles holding members back come to light & people help each other
• Respectful listening and helpful insights abound
• Victories, small and great, spark celebrations!

Monthly membership fees ensure that the Vibrance leader -and his team if it grows to that point-

  • has time to gather, compile and present high-quality content,
  • lead discussions,
  • follow through, and
  • press encouragement into group members when life feels all-uphill.

We’ll meet on BAND, a site originally designed to band directors, students, their parents, & band boosters informed.  During the pandemic lockdowns they broadened the application and crafted more options.

Send me a note to join, I’ll send you the link to Vibrance ITM on BAND. You can choose if you’d like your invoice to arrive on the 1st, 5th, or 10th of each month.  If you decide to leave Vibrance ITM someday, simply email me. Your membership will end at the end of the month.

I got to thinking not long ago, working on “INFLUENCED”, What if this was more than a book? What if we formed a community in pursuit of vibrance? I mean as individuals. Families. Ministries. Businesses of integrity.

The concept has been hovering in the background since it first came to me in early 2006 —can you believe it, 16 years ago – a vision of how good people could help each other thrive. I’m sensing It’s time for it to sprout and begin to grow. An online membership group of men, women, & focused students focused on Life, Leadership & the Art of Thriving.

The Vibrance blog wasn’t very active prior to this beginning. The book isn’t finished. I’ve presented “The Art of Thriving,” a few times. Additional content is in handwritten files, in double-spaced documents on my computer, or still in my head. But I envision a community that meets online periodically to help each other thrive despite our current cancel culture’s negativity. I see workshops, webinars, podcasts, Vlogs, live discussions, and motivational graphics or memes. I picture online community events where we contribute and participate from right where we are.

Would you like to be part of an encouraging community that strives to help its members thrive in life’s most important areas? You’d get in on the ground floor – no, you’d BE the ground floor! I’d rely on your opinions, evaluation, and suggestions as we start. We’d share in the joy of seeing this thing come to life.

As an Overture Member, your $14.40 monthly rate will never go up as long as you’re a member. even though the permanent rate will be higher once we’re up and running.  (Yes, there’s a symbolic reason for the 1440 – you’ll like it once you know).

If you just heard the pioneer spirit in you whisper “I’m in”,
send me a note
“Vibrance sounds promising. Let’s!”

I’ll message back to confirm your details and answer your questions. We’ll get started about May 10th.

It’ll be interesting and rewarding seeing this take shape and grow!
Phil - informal signature

Curious about the name “Vibrance?”
Here’s a 2006 post written when the concept was new.
It’s time.

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  1. Rob Green

    Yes, I’m in Phil. Hoping and praying this will enhance the next prime years of my life and ministry.


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