No, I’m Not Pivoting. I’m Adding Something.

September 17, 2020

By Phil Ransom

When you’re moving in the right direction, helping people, delivering quality, loving what you’re doing, but demand plummets, it’s natural for evaluation, examination, even second-guessing to follow. That happened here as America deals with the onslaught of 2020’s microscopic enemy. In light of current conditions and lack of demand, how do I move forward?

  • I reviewed James 1.5: Need wisdom? Ask with confidence. 
  • I made the ASK. Boldly.
  • I was careful to pay attention.
  • Consulted with Heaven, sometimes hourly.
  • I took good notes on thoughts He brought to mind. Wise observations and encouragement from wise trusted friends rounded out my assessment.
I was relieved and encouraged to find there is no need to pivot:
  • I‘m moving in the right direction. Portions of my endeavors are calling-related! 
  • I’m helping people – it’s what I do best – I won’t change that.
  • Delivering quality is intact, a core value since high school.
  • I absolutely LOVE what I do.
So if I’m not pivoting, what am I doing?
  • I’m still writing as needed for executives, non-profits, and ambitious, quality-driven companies.
  • I’m still working on my book Influenced! and it’s companion action journal.
  • With CID, we’re working to publish Dr. Tetlan’s book History of the Brain by month-end.
  • We’re introducing CID as an online class so individuals don’t have to wait for a manager or controller to say “Yes, they can come.” People will soon be able to get CID training individually.White dog peeking under a fence to add curiosity
  • But yes, I’m adding something.
    It’s complementary. Contributory. Supporting. I’ll introduce it tomorrow.
    (No, it’s not a pet. Like you, he’s curious

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