As a warm-hearted, articulate speaker I encourage listeners to act on what they now know. Impassioned & focused, gently-spoken &  light-hearted, I take careful aim at the bullseye —the desired outcome— each time I take the stage.

If I’m consulting with you, I help you choose the best means to communicate in today’s venues and craft your delivery accordingly. Print, direct marketing, broadcast, press, and social media have varying demands and criteria for success.



Coming alongside you as non-profit leader / business owner.
Writing in your voice with strategic clarity.
Freeing you to care for other concerns competing for your time & attention.

I work by the project, which means you know the project’s effect on your budget before you say “Let’s do this”. I guarantee no budget overruns and your finished product arrives on time.


Need help sorting out your options & picking the best to get you where you’re going?
I can help you objectively explore your best options, help you choose your combination of approaches and how to begin.

First thing you know you’re celebrating progress. Real progress. On your way to your goal!

Professional Writing & Public Speaking Services

Do you know what you’re shopping for?

You’ll never regret taking the time to decide which of these three value you want most.

  • Economy: Least-expensive option.
  • Efficiency: Quick turn around & delivery.
  • Excellence: Enduring quality worth the wait – and cost.

My focus is the latter. The greatest value added through strong, effective communication aimed at well-defined objectives.

The Next Step…

Start a conversation.
Send me a note,
Give me a call 262. 888. 0108
Let’s explore how I can help you. I never charge for inquiries or conceptualizing.
It’s not until you say “Let’s do this” that fees begin.
You’ll know those ahead of time, and I stand behind my work.

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