Thanks, Grammarly

May 19, 2020

By Phil Ransom

In August of 2018, I added Grammarly to my writing tool kit.  I wanted to focus on creating when I wrote, and then let an editing and proofing program to help me with all the rules I have trouble remembering.  You know the ones, comma or no, split infinitives, prepositions at the ends of sentences, those sorts of things.  I use it all the time, letting it examine my work before I press SEND. It’s a “How do I look?” check before I let it leave the building.  I sometimes forget that it monitors my writing in general and gives me weekly reports.

A note from Grammarly this morning brought a smile.

I do work hard at using the right —the best— word.  Grammarly noticed I was doing well there, and told me so.

OK, back to work; I have a couple of books awaiting my attention.

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