Universal Equality – The One Place You Already Have It

May 14, 2021

By Phil Ransom

In your quest for universally equal allotments, on all continents, unaffected by heritage, circumstance, income, privilege (or the lack thereof) there is one resource in which Universal Equality has been and continues to be true.

The currency:  Minutes.  1,440 per day, 525,600 per year.  Your daily deposit of 1,440 minutes is equal to what every other human receives. No one receives more, no one receives less. Minutes cannot be saved for another day or hoarded for later use.

All 1,440 are invested, utilized, under-utilized, or even wasted one by one as they arrive.

By day’s end, your allotment is all used up, as is your best friend’s, as is your worst enemy’s.  At 11:59 pm tonight, today’s final minute is spent and the new day’s deposit begins.

“But I’m usually sleeping!”

Not to worry, the questions you really want to ask about those minutes are:
“Am I getting enough sleep?
Is it restorative? Because I have plans for my waking hours.”

Scores of things influence how we each spend our allotted time for the day. The intentionality with which we use blocks of minutes affects our ability to amass things not regarded as equal in our society, knowledge, skills, influence, wealth, for starters.  The person you admire most in this world receives the exact amount of time each day as the person you can’t stand.  The difference includes, I suspect, how they utilize those deposits over time.

Feel free to download and print this graphic. I made this for me, but I want you to have it. I left it intentionally unbranded so you think about time, not some writer somewhere.  Print it small enough to tape to your windshield, near your rearview mirror. Large enough to see next to the clock you look at all day long. Maybe your computer’s wallpaper.  Someplace that will help you remember.

When it comes to time, universal equality is already present.  How are you doing with yours?  Are you brave enough to track your time use for a day – see how you’re really spending it?  Watch here for simple, easy-to-use tools you can use to improve how you invest your daily deposit of 1440 minutes.  We’ll use the tag  #1440deposit  for future discussions.

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