3 Wordsmith openings available

July 19, 2022

By Phil Ransom

I introduced my Wordsmith program in April of 2021 to help people communicate well in print or online. Memberships are limited to a small number of clients, ensuring quick turnaround and preferential treatment.  I currently have room for three Wordsmith members:

2 Solo or small office units:
A lead (owner, executive director).
Up to 2 team members who create or work with content can also be added,
maximum of three in the unit.

1 Larger office unit:
A C-level executive. One executive or administrative assistant can be added,
a maximum of two in the unit.


We share our favorite experts and specialists with others. When we’re established clients, we don’t wait long when we need their skills.  Our favorite experts work for us a few hours at a time and their quality workmanship results in our peace of mind. It’s worth every penny.

How many of these do you have working relationships with?
• Mechanic
• Physician
• Attorney
• Pharmacist
• Barber/Stylist
• Dentist
• Personal Trainer
• HVAC Specialist
• ____________ others you thought of.

Did writer/ editor come to mind?
It should have.

Clarity is vital to your effectiveness. At work with staff & volunteers, policies & instructions, it’s vital that readers understand what you mean right away.
Clarifying chews up time and resources. Mishaps cost even more and are sometimes catastrophic.

Clear communication helps you avoid such things.  

Def: to apply craftsman-like skills to word use.

[Already know this is what you need?
Note me. phil@philipransom.com ]

How it works: 

Wordsmith members send me items to review, tweak, or edit. I turn them around in a few hours. There’s no minimum or maximum to what a member can send me each month – because workflow varies through the year.

Imagine saying to your assistant, “Let’s have Phil wordsmith this,” knowing it’s already paid for.  You’ll have it back and out the door in less time than it would have taken to get a quote.

Wordsmith members frequently say things like:

  •  “Just send me a Loom review, I’ll fix what you suggest.” (Loom is perfect for this.. and free to you)
  •  “I just need this checked over – it says what I want it to.”
  •  “Ok… I wrote this in a hurry… it may need some serious wordsmithing.”

Wordsmith is not an automated system.  We’re in quality craftsmanship, artisan mode.

If this sounds like something your and your immediate team needs, send me a note ( phil@philipransom.com )  with Wordsmith Program in the subject line and we’ll schedule ten minutes or so to talk about specifics.  I look forward to the possibility of helping your communications shine.


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