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The following are samples of copy-writing done for specific, objective-driven projects:

Copy for personal letter on owner’s letterhead.

The word on the street is that more change will take place
in the next few years than has transpired in the past several centuries.
Are you ready?

James Q. Sample
Success America
1234 Crusade Lane
Green Bay, WI 54313

Dear James,

Unsettling thought, isn’t it — that losing touch with current changes could result in products and services becoming obsolete. (And that it doesn’t take long when the time comes.)

The standards we use to measure life and business (paradigms) are changing. Fast.

We’re moving away from industrial age rules into the rules of the information age. From domestic to international competition. From externally driven, material values to internally driven, quality of life values. Stable markets and suppliers are giving way to fluid markets and suppliers who flex with changing needs. Scary.

Birth rates are now on the decline, and instead of a predominantly male work force (as in the industrial age and before), the workplace is filled with men, women, minorities, baby boomers and baby busters, all with individual ideas of what should be. Employees who used to accept hierarchical roles now call for increasing influence in corporate decision making.

It used to take about 10 years for a new idea to grow into maturity and emerge on the market. Not it takes about 18 months. Mechanical technology is being elbowed out by electronic wizardry. this rapid, unpredictable, age of innovation has changed the way we measure business success.

Hold on! Obsolescence doesn’t have to be an option!

But to reject obsolescence is to embrace change. And change is hard. If it’s not managed, properly, if workers can’t see innovation’s benefits, they reject any deviation from accepted norms and other problems develop. Bigger problems. Costly ones.

Change is a tough process. Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself? You have. Then you know first-hand how difficult it is to change others. As a result, many owners shy away from the progress they know their companies need. “Hey, it’s easier to leave well enough alone.” They forget that well enough isn’t going to cut it tomorrow. Change is necessary to survive. Change will certainly be necessary to thrive in tomorow’s market. It comes down to: Thrive, Survive, or Die.

You could use some assistance managing change in your place of business, couldn’t you? Someone from the outside who could care less about corporate politics that take the wind out of your sails? I’ve discovered that a solid understanding of corporate mission is important, as is clear communication among leaders. I help owners and leaders shape how they think, open lines of communication, and cut through the cliches that clutter up your workplace. I’ve seen too many companies turn things around to believe my approach is a fluke. It works! You and I need to discuss how managing change can work for you. I call it Meta Management.

Call me. If I’m off helping somebody else, leave a message and I’ll return your call first chance I get. These are busy times. Change doesn’t wait. I suggest you start the ball rolling with your phone call right away.


John K—
Success America

Douglas-Main Pharmacy – Copy written for over-65 market segment.

Courier font selected to resemble typewriter
Larger, 16-point type and ample white copy

Letters were individually signed.

(see PDF of actual letter)

Dear Neighbor,

It won’t be long now and winter will be here in full force. You’ll have the thermostat set just right at your place and you’ll be nice and comfortable, then you’ll notice it’s time to have a prescription refilled. The last thing you’ll want to do is bundle up and venture out into the cold to get your medicine. Stay indoors. We’ll bring it to you.

Why spend half a day trying to get warm again after going out for an hour? You can admire the beauty of the frost and snow from inside. We’ll deal with the icy sidewalks, cold wind and slippery roads. You have more important things to do than worry about falling or catching the flu. Some days you’ll enjoy getting out, but the days you’d rather not, don’t. Let us be of service to you.

We’ve found thre’s no substitute for old fashioned service.

You need to know more about your medicine than just when to take it. Dosages, possible side effects, how drugs work with or against each other . . . it’s all pretty important. So for years we’ve been providing folks like you with patient information sheets about their prescription. Jerry and I advise you as to the best way to take the medicine your doctor has prescribed for you.

Discomforts associated with many medicines can usually be avoided, or at least minimized, by taking the medicine before a meal, after a meal or with water. We’ll instruct you as to which is best.

A new law is going into effect in January requiring every pharmacy to finally do what we’ve done for years. Some will call it “the law”. We’ve just called it “service”.

We promise you exceptional prescription services at highly competitive prices. If you discover someone else charges less than we do for a prescription, just show us their receipt. We’ll match the lower cost. You can use the money you save for something you want.

Please keep these important numbers near your phone.

Main Pharmacy (Main St.) 969-xxxx Pharmacist is Jerry

Douglas Pharmacy (Fairview) 969-xxxx Pharmacist is Doug

24-hour Emergency Phone 969-xxxx

I hope you never need the emergency number. but if you do, please use it. We want you to feel that your pharmacists, associated staff and technicians are ready to serve your health care needs 24 hours a day.

The reason we’re in business, neighbor, is to serve you. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. With prescription medicines costing what they do these days, you need a pharmacist that understands insurance plans and can work with you to save you money.

We work with Circuit Breaker, PCS, MediMet, and a long list of other plans. Ask us about your plan. Chances are we’re already working with it. The benefit portion of medicine is usually paid before we deliver your prescription to you. That’s easy on your pocketbook, wouldn’t you say?

It’s no fun worrying about whether or not such-and-such is covered by your insurance. Steve, our store manager, can be especially helpful when you have needs for home medical equipment. He knows the nature of MediCare’s benefits and enjoys helping people understand their benefits better. He’s very helpful. Talk to him. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind. Less worry about insurance matters. Better sleep.

If you’re out and about one of these crisp Fall days, stop in and say “Hi”. We would love to meet you. Feel free to stop in any time. Our in-store sales may save you some money, and you can warm your hands and toes before you have to venture out again this winter. The potbelly stove isn’t here like it may have been years ago, but we’re every bit as friendly as people were back then. Some things just can’t be improved upon.

Would you like for us to take care of your prescription needs? Good. Just bring in your prescription while it’s still nice out. We’ll contact your doctor and previous pharmacy for you.


Douglas M— R. PL


PS. If you’re already enjoying all these benefits, pass this along to a friend who needs them.

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